Saturday, October 5, 2013

Running Out of Time

I'm having to face it - I'm running out of time before the trip and I'm never going to get our story updated before we leave. So I'm just going to add the itinerary for now.

We leave on October 10th (this Thursday) and arrive in Beijing on the 11th (Friday).
We'll tour Beijing on the 12th, then fly to Gwen's province, Anhui on the 13th (Sunday). We'll be staying in the capitol city of  Hefei, at the Holiday Inn - which, excitingly, has subway construction going on across the street. In the reviews I read, the clients stated that you can request free earplugs from the hotel staff. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!
We'll meet Gwen on the 14th at 9:30am - that's 9:30pm Sunday night for the foks in the US, since China is approx 12 hours ahead.
We'll complete the adoption paperwork and wait for her new Chinese passport, plus tour the area, until the 18th (Friday), when we fly to Guangzhou. 
If they don't close the US Consulate in Guangzhou for being non-essential (just joking!) (I hope...), we'll get Gwen's visa during this week and then head home on October 25th (Friday).
I'll try to blog each day if I can figure out why I can't load photos into the blog from my netbook. Yet another pesky technical glitch - most likely operator error.
We're flying Delta and connecting in Detroit. I can predict that as soon as we land there on the way home, my first stop - and Gwen's first meal in the US - will be at McDonalds. I'll be so happy to see plain, American  junk food and an English menu!!!


  1. I am so excited to see sweet Gwen/Sierra in your arms!! I sure hope you figure out how to post photos because I need to see some :) . Our girl is in Anhui also, Huainan not Fuyang but very close. You will have to keep good notes for us on the dos and don'ts of Hefei. Enjoy your trip! Praying for your sweet girl and your family.

  2. The Thorsens in Michigan are excited for you and will keep you in our prayers for a safe journey.

  3. Hope you guys had a great trip! Maybe will get to meet the new addition soon.