Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's May Already AGAIN - 2 years later!

It's May 9th, 2013. Haven't blogged in 2 years! Time flies. But there's a renewed reason to blog - to follow our new adventure back to China to get Gwen (possible name). She's darling, 3 1/2, and waiting in Anhui. We hope to bring her home in October. It has been an unexpected and stressful road, but we think we can see the end of it. Here's the newest Myers girl! (Poor Mark is totally outnumbered now...)

She is shaking her finger at me, saying, "Get a move on, lady! Hurry up with the paperwork!"
Ha! We're moving as fast as we can! I will return to China with Debbi, my intrepid friend, while Mark watches the girls at home. They should be in school most of the day, so he's lucky. And Debbi and I are lucky because it will be October (or Fall at least) and therefore COOL and comfy. Not a sweat-fest like the last visit in July.

Details to follow!
(Looks like I have a lot of pictures to update!)