Friday, April 30, 2010

The Emergency Room & A New Hairstyle

It's been awhile since I updated! Sorry! Seems like there's just not enough time in the day. We've had some fun lately, and some drama. A couple Sundays ago, Brooke climbed onto the sofa - then, apparently, up onto the back of the sofa. (I had my back turned, vaccuuming.) Of course - she fell off onto the carpet. And hurt her arm. We were hoping her arm would be better after a nap. Here she is napping on the sofa with Mark. Unfortunately, her arm still hurt when she woke up and she couldn't grasp anything or raise the arm up. So - off to Children's Healthcare, where, after 4 x-rays, they decided she'd just sprained her shoulder. Thank heavens! (At first, they thought the x-rays indicated she'd separated the shoulder...) So, home for rest and relaxation. She was totally back to normal within 48 hours and we were $100 poorer after our insurance co-pay (but at least we have insurance, so we won't complain). If that's the worst drama we have to face, we'll take it!

Olivia decided to have her hair cut for summer!!!!!!!!!! Smart girl!!!!

Here is the "Before" picture:

Here is the "After" picture:

She was quite pleased, as were mom and dad. She's gotten a ton of compliments about it, so she's quite proud. Brooke got her hair trimmed, too.

And here's Kathy, the super hair stylist. Olivia loves it that she gets to go to the "Beauty Parlor" to have her hair done.

At home, we tired a flip. It's cute, but O's hair is so fine, it just doesn't last long.

Then it was time for.... Miss Olivia's first filling!!!!

Yes - she brushes her teeth. But, she had a cavity up at the gum line on the front of one of her front teeth. Aunt Carol thought maybe it started out as a chip? She was very brave and actually looked forward to seeing crazy Uncle Dave again. Brooke was excited to see him, too.

Uncle Dave didn't have to numb her tooth, so that was a plus. But, he did have to drill just a little. Notice the clenched fists in the picture below. She hated the sound, but it was over in just a few seconds. No tears, no pain.

Brooke was very curious about the whole procedure. Uncle Dave can talk and fix at the same time!

Brooke just loves to clown with Uncle Dave. They both laugh alot.

After Olivia's teeth looked beautiful again, we went down the street to see Grandma Sally and Grandpa Howard. They are preparing for their 5-month summer trip to Minnesota with their 2 giant dogs (Summer Oddessy 2010).

Olivia had a playdate with her friend from Pre-K, Jordana. They had a ball and let Brooke play, too. (Jordana loves to pick Brooke up and lug her around.)

Brooke loves to snuggle on Daddy. He laid down on the floor to watch TV and she made herself comfortable.

We took the girls to the Big Shanty Festival. It used to just be around City Hall, but it has expanded to fill the entire downtown area. Lots of junk food, typical festival souveniers and bouncies for the kids. The weather was perfect!!!!!

We bought some sandwiches for lunch. Mark came up with the best idea for eating them. The sides on our wagon are removable - so the girls sat in the shade on the curb, we took off one side of the wagon and - ta! da! - we had a table to eat on! That Daddy is so smart!!!!

It worked good for the girls to ride on, too. Roomier than with the side on.

Both the girls wanted to go on the big bouncy slide. We weren't sure about Brooke going on something that big alone, but she was determined. We knew we could rescue her if we needed to. The girls climbed to the top and Olivia immediately slid back down without a second thought - leaving Brooke alone at the top (they were supposed to come down together).

After a few minutes and a lot of coaxing, Brooke summoned her courage and took the plunge (because Olivia was on the way back up to get her and Brooke didn't want that to happen)!

She was so proud of herself!!!!!!!!

Olivia arranged the backyard to practice walking down the aisle. WHAT??? She knows she's not allowed to date until she's 40, but I don't think she cares... (Her new boyfriend at school is some guy named "Jack", by the way. Whether he likes it or not. Miss Kathleen says he's "ok".) I know this day may come eventually, but she's only 5 and I'm not ready to even think about it yet. Besides, heaven only knows how much it will cost!!!!! Yet another thing to save $$ for, right after orthodontics, car insurance and college.

Queen Olivia...

Here is a picture Olivia made to celebrate our upcoming trip to Florida to see........ Brooke's foster brother Meng Meng!!!!!!!! All Olivia could think about was getting in the water - the COLD sea water. But, that's a story for my next post!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easy Rider!

Here's what Mark thought up for the girls to have some fun. Olivia has done it many times and LOVES it. It only took Brooke one ride to fall in love. Pre-school adrenaline junkies!!!

Here's Brooke:

For some reason (?) Olivia's video won't load. But it's basically the same as Brooke's.

Poor Grandma Helen! What kind of trouble did that boy of her's get into while he was growing up???? It's a wonder he didn't try to fly off the roof (but then again, maybe he did)!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


It got really hot for a couple days! The mid-80's are hot, even for Atlanta, in April. Olivia was very disappointed the neighborhood pool wasn't open. So, she INSISTED we get out the sprinkler. She introduced Brooke to some new fun. Brooke got all giggly and loved watching Olivia run thru the water, but she stayed on the sidelines. I'm sure her sister will get her in there soon.

Aunt Lori struck again! She brought new spring dresses for the girls! They're all ready for the 4th of July, too! (Last year, on the 4th of July, we were in the Guangzhou medical clinic with about 100 other kids and Brooke received 6 (SIX!) immunizations AND a TB skin test. I thought she'd hate me forever for holding her down for those stupid, stupid shots. Sheeze. Not a good day.) Doesn't Aunt Lori have the best taste??? She'll keep my girls looking good!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hoppy Easter!

The night before Easter, we made the traditional egg-dying mess. Brooke had no idea what we were up to, but had a good time. (trees in the house? fat men in the fireplace? green midgets running lose? rabbits with eggs? what's next? this is one crazy country!)

Mark made his very own creation with polka dots!

The finished products. Now I can't eat them - it's like they're alive!

Easter morning, Olivia was TOTALLY psyched to go egg (candy) hunting. She lead the charge to find the eggs!

Brooke was perfectly happy to just go thru her Easter basket.

Brooke got ahold of the camera yet again...

Dressed up for Easter!

The guests arrived and Brooke got comfy with Uncle Dave,

and Grandma Sally and Grandpa Howard,

and Aunt Carol,

while cousin Ivey tried out the new air hockey table with Olivia. (Garrett was spending the day with his girlfriend.)
Snuggles and giggles with Daddy!

At the restaurant in front of the little wall-fountain.

Our tummies were full of delicious things!! No slaving in the kitchen today! And what beautiful weather!!!!!

Dave and Carol...

Later, Uncle Chuck stopped by with a cake from Aunt Lori!! Beautiful and delicious!!!!

We hope your Easter was as nice as ours!