Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Haircut!!

Olivia has been saying for weeks that she wants short hair. She had decided she wanted her hair cut like Brooke's. (And Brooke had decided she wanted to grow her hair out like Olivia's...) I figured I would wait and see if she was serious or not. Well, she was! So, today we went to the beauty shop. Olivia was SO excited!! Here is the traditional "Before" picture...

Snip! Snip! Snip! (by Cathy, Super Beautician!) At one point, Cathy thought she was done but Olivia said no - shorter!!

Olivia got all kinds of compliments from the grownup ladies at the beauty shop. She was GLOWING! Here she is immediately after "surprising" daddy with her new look! Do you think she's happy??

Here's the left side view. I was amazed at how well her baby-fine, thin hair stacked with the extra length cut off!

Here's the back - very short!

And the right side view.

Olivia's new big-girl look!! Brooke will get her's shaped up after we decide what she's really going to do... long or short?

Oh! Here's what Brooke finally decided on!! How do you like her new look?? Ha! This is a Halloween wig she dug out. What a hoot!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from our house to your's!!!

Olivia was SO excited about Thanksgiving!! She even volunteered to clean the potties! And she was happy about it! (I will keep this picture to remind me of the one day she did this!)

Brooke helped daddy put together the extra table we needed! She's great with power tools!

We were all ready to cook!

The girls' annual Turkey Portrait!

The family (minus Mark, who is snapping the picture).

And Mark with his "new do". Ha! I just don't see him as a spiky blonde...

I would write more, but I have an extremely cranky pre-schooler on my hands. No nap and lots of turkey and excitement have made Brooke and unhappy girl!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's Thanksgiving Time!!

And that means it's time for Olivia's very first official school play!!

Olivia was a "Pilgrim Woman". She declared she wanted to be turkey because she could do the turkey "strutt", but she had to settle for being human. The day before the play, one of the turkeys was absent and Olivia was appointed to be the official "turkey understudy", but alas - all the turkeys turned out for the perfromance.

It really was a cute play! The kids sang and told the story about the first Thanksgiving. They put a lot of effort into it and it showed. A fun time was had by all.

Here are the Pilgrim Men and Pilgrim Women...

The Pilgrim Women and the Corn (who said "Pop! Pop! Pop!")

And the Indian Women and Indian Men. The Indian Women would shout, "Go Braves!" I didn't get a shot of the turkeys because they kept to the sides of the stage (and a large woman with big hair was sitting in front of me). But the turkeys were great looking. They had dark, 33 gallon garbage bags for bodies, which were stuffed with newspaper, and they had huge, long, multi-colored tails which dragged on the floor.

A smiley and proud Olivia and daddy after the performance.

A good family picture. Brooke stood still long enough for one good shot. She was bored and wanted to leave NOW.

One of the two giant cornicopias that Mommy painted on the kitchen table!!

Are we ready for Thanksgiving? No, not yet, but we have a family rule for keeping it simple so it won't be a hassle. We have new carpet (I still gotta post those pictures), a new sofa that doesn't smell like dogs and a freshly painted sunroom, so most of my work is done. Yeah!